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This is a very important film. We must learn, indeed, from Pastor James and Imam Ashafa and multiply in a thousand places their experience of healing and reconciliation.’ 

Kofi Annan


‘This film shows that there are solutions to what seem to be almost intractable conflicts. It can help people reject violence, it can foster healing, it can help people find answers.’ 

Rev Dr Sam Kobia, former General Secretary of the World Council of Churches


''An African Answer depicts a particular peace-building intervention that contains universal lessons."

Professor Sir Michael Aaronson, Co-Director, Centre for International Intervention, University of Surrey


'Theirs is an inspiring story, full of hope... A model for Muslim-Christian relations.' -

Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury


'Powerful and timely.'

Aminu Wali, Foreign Minister of Nigeria and former Nigerian Permanent Mission to the United Nations


'Beautifully shot, visually evocative... its content is never less than thought-provoking and carries potential lessons for us all.' The Herald, Scotland


"This film gives hope, not only to Chad, but to the whole world."

Dr Omnia Marzouk, former President of Initiatives of Change International


"A very powerful film. Some of the images are extraordinary.... This is a film on Christians encountering Buddhism positively and making sense of it.... The interviewees are rooted in their own tradition. The questions are very good. The answers are excellent. It is very helpful in our dialogue.”

Archbishop Felix Machado, Under Secretary, Pontifical Council for Inter Religious Dialogue, The Vatican

Rev. Marcus Braybrooke.jpg

“The film, true to the best practice of interfaith dialogue, does not evade the differences and asks hard questions which receive honest and thoughtful answers.”

Rev. Marcus Braybrooke, President, World Congress of Faiths, Oxford


'These two very beautiful films show that Cambodia is not only a country prey to war and unending violence, but also a place where the great virtues of Buddhism – tolerance, non-violence and compassion – are practised.’ - King Norodom Sihanouk


"A jewel of a film. The heritage of the East at its relevant best." Rajmohan Gandhi




An African Answer (2010), including bonus features (2011)

                           View the trailer: An African Answer

Premiered at the Royal Society of Arts & Commerce, London; the United States of Peace, Washington DC, the United Nations, New York and the Serena Hotel, Nairobi. Filmed in Kenya. Supported by the United States Institute of Peace and Initiatives of Change UK





The Imam and the Pastor (2006)


          View the film on Journeyman Pictures: The Imam and the Pastor

Premiered at the United Nations, New York; World Bank, Washington DC; House of Commons, London, and International Conference Centre, Abuja. Broadcast by national Swiss, Swedish and Nigerian television and Al-Jazeera Arabic. Winner of the First Prize in the Short Documentary Section of the Africa World Documentary Film Festival; Official Selection at Cinema Verité, Paris and the International Festival of Muslim Cinema, Kazan, Russia. Filmed in Nigeria. Supported by the United States Institute of Peace and Initiatives of Change, UK.



Tchad – un chemin vers l’espoir (2015) 

Filmed in Chad. Premiered at the Centre Al Mouna, N'Djaména, Chad. Supported by the United Nations Development Programme.






The Cross and the Bodhi Tree (2001)

Filmed in Cambodia, France and UK. Broadcast by Australian national television.                          

                        View the film: The Cross and the Bodhi Tree



Is he my brother (1997)

Filmed in Kenya with Sir Mohinder Dhillon. Broadcast on SKY TV, UK.

The Serene Smile and The Serene Life (1995 and 1996).

Filmed in Cambodia. Broadcast on Cambodian television. Supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation, UNDP, Oxfam, Catholic Relief Services, Cooperation pour le developement et la solidarité and Japanese Shotoshu Relief Committee.


'Powerful. It really speaks. Film is a thousand times more powerful at getting the message across.

Pierre-Yves Monette, UN Mediator Standby Team, New York

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