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The Healing Garden of Medziphema

Profile of an indigenous leader and activist from Nagaland, India,

in the Newsletter of the Global EverGreening Alliance

Trustbuilding as key ingredient for peace and sustainable development

Article in à propos, the online magazine of Swisspeace

Behind the scenes at the land restoration awards

Article in the Newsletter of the Global EverGreening Alliance

Regreening Africa gets a major boost

Blog article on scaling up farmer managed natural regeneration in Africa

Trust-building and mobile pastoralism in Africa

Book chapter in 'Land restoration: reclaiming landscapes for a sustainable future' (2016) 

Chhbay, I, Frick, M. and Helgeson, J. (eds). Elsevier Inc., USA

The documentary film as a force for good

Book chapter in 'Media values' (2010)

Keeble, R. and Porter, W. (eds) Troubador, UK

Videos to foster social renewal in Cambodia

Article in Cultural Survival Quarterly Magazine

Cambodia's Nobel Nominee 

Maha Ghosananda, Cambodia's spiritual leader, talks to Alan Channer about peace, suffering and trees.

Buddhist Message Shown on Silver Screen - The Phnom Penh Post

900 people gathered at Chatomuk Theater for the premier screening of The Serene Life - a Khmer language film which outlines a Buddhist vision for peace and conservation of the environment.

Beyond the Wall of the Sky

Four months on the island of Vaitupu in the South Pacific nation of Tuvalu


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