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I am a project director, documentary film producer, course director, researcher,

writer & speaker specialising in peacebuilding and the environment. 

Alan G De R Channer PhD

Producer/Director, FLTfilms - for the love of tomorrow, London

Senior Fellow, Global EverGreening Alliance, Melbourne  

Co-Director, Summer Academy on Land, Security & Climate, Switzerland

Executive Committee Member, Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace, Geneva

Senior Associate, OikoDiplomatique, Nairobi 


See the featured speakers' bios of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum (2015):


  • Runner-up for the Bremen International Peace Prize 2019.   The citation says:  'How does one mutually foster peace and climate protection? What power comes out of local peace initiatives? Alan Channer is providing an important contribution to Muslim-Christian relationships and reconciliation between ethnic groups.’

  • Presented a paper at the inaugural conference on Environmental Peacebuilding

at the University of California, Irvine, October 23-25.

  • Part of the team which launched the 'Green up to Cool down' Campaign with the Global EverGreening Alliance at the UN in New York, during UN Climate Week, 28th September

  • Delighted to facilitate the visit of Dr Pastor James Wuye and Dr Imam Muhammad Ashafa for the 20th Anniversary celebration of International Peace Day at the Globe Theatre in London, 21st September



In this two-minute video, Dr Dennis Garrity,

UN Drylands Ambassador, and I explain

the synergies between peacebuilding and land restoration in conflict-prone drylands:

Alan Channer keynote at iREP 2copy.jpg

UN General Assembly Room 4

IMG_2305 (3).JPG

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London



After five years of research in agro-ecology, including spells in Tuvalu, Zimbabwe, Malawi and China, I began working in film-making to catalyse peace. It all started in Cambodia in 1994, where I had the privilege of collaborating with my father....


See the obituary of David Channer (1925-2006) in The Independent

photo slightly copped on right.jpg

David Channer (right) at Wat Phnom Udong in Cambodia in 1994 (Alan Channer) 



Bringing the strands of my life in agro-ecological research, peacebuilding and communication together, I spent 18 months in Kenya with my family....



Directing and producing the award-winning documentary 'The Imam and the Pastor' (2006) led to on-going collaboration with Imam Dr Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor Dr James Wuye from Nigeria - and travel together to 12 countries, including Lebanon, Sudan, Chad & Kenya....

UNAOC Intercultural Innovation
Channer family in Kenya.jpg

A festive day with friends from the Ilchamus community in Baringo County, Kenya

With Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye

at the UN Alliance of Civilisations 'Intercultural Innovation Awards' Ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York


This independent work is made possible partly by individual contributions.  If you would like to support it,

please use the paypal button below:

Photos on the Home Page:

The Ngong Hills, Kenya (Leela Channer)


A pastoralist community displaced from their ancestral grazing lands by armed cattle raiders gather for a peace meeting in Baringo County, Kenya (Alan Channer)

Celebrations after a screening of The Imam and the Pastor film in the

parliament of White Nile Province, Sudan (Alan Channer)

Terrace cultivation in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan (Alan Channer)

Cambodian refugees from Site 2 on the Thai/Cambodian border arrive back 

in Phnom Penh after the Paris Peace Agreement  (David Channer)

Filming An African Answer after post-election violence in Kenya (Ken Wafula)

Excerpts from Tchad - un chemin vers l'espoir

are screened at UN Headquarters, New York (Alan Channer)

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